Friday, October 7, 2011

great week for shopping at RiteAid

This week at RiteAid you can shop for close to free WITHOUT coupons! I was able to get all my cold and flu stuff for the whole year.
Here's how:

You can split your purchases into separate transactions so you can maximize your savings!

Comtrex on sale $3.99
get back $3 UP

Blistex on sale $1.49
get back $1.49 UP

Burts Bees cough drops on sale $1.49
get back $1.49 UP

Cepacol on sale $2.50
get back $2.50

Hyland's children cough medicine on sale $5.99
get back $5.99 SCR (remember this means you get a check in the mail)

hand sanitizer on sale $1 (limit 4)
get back $1 UP

You use all your UP money from the 1st transaction to pay for the second

Zarabees children's medicine $5.99
get back $5.99 SCR

use UP money to buy this

EmergenC on sale $3.49\
get back $3.49 SCR

use Up money for this!

My OOP today was $5

I saved $58.44
and I still have $4 in UP money for next week and I will be getting close to $10 in SCR check at the end of the month!

Major Savings today!

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