Sunday, October 2, 2011

Great Rite Aid Deals:

Today and all week Rite Aid is having great deals on Cover Girl items. Most are 50% off so look at the deal I got...

 I bought 2 Cover Girl foundations for $8.99 each but one was 50%
then I bought 2 lip glosses for $8.99 each but one was 50%
And finally I bought mascara and eye shadow with one being 50% off.
My total was $30.45 (which I would never pay)...
I used (3) $8.00 coupons from the paper today.
This brought down my total to $5.45 which is less than one of these items. That's not the best part...
I then got a $10 UP reward back on my receipt.
So I made $4.45 overage on buying these much needed cosmetics!
Share with me your deals this week :)

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