Friday, October 17, 2008

I want to post some of the ways I organize my time, coupons, and more to get the most of my efforts! I want to make it clear that in no way am I perfect at this and I really am just barely beginning this journey WITH you guys. I love any and every comment and feedback you can give me! I would love to hear your organizational tips too! So here is what I do to get myself organized to get through the week:
  1. Make sure you have a working printer!!!!! This is a must have. Always have enough paper and toner to get through a week of printing! Look for deals on paper and ink as you will go though them fast. I make sure I print on both sides of paper and recycle the paper I don't use so my daughter can us it or drawing-or else you will throw a lot of paper out!
  2. My desk is very organized but chaotic at the same time. You don't have to be a clean freak to do this. I promise!!! There is a method that does work however...
  3. Have an organizational system. You can get one like the one shown in the picture at staples, office max, etc...It is wonderful. I organize my coupons I get from the paper and from the Internet depending on when they expire. I know people who organize them differently, but I think this way works best for me(I'll show you why next)
  4. Next you will see I have a few envelopes. This is my second step to organizing. I label each with the name of a store I frequently shop. (Side note) Some of you have asked how many stores I go to and when...So I (But you can do it differently) go shopping at Target, Riteaid, and Walmart or Walgreens on Monday, depending on my daughter's temperament. Then on Thursday I go to Winco after Bible Study. I might also stop again at Target. You can pick which days you go. A lot of the stores have deals on specific days of the week. You just have to check. All you do is look at their website. It will tell you the days of their deals! So back to the envelopes...That morning I look through my organizer and pull out coupons I want to use that day at the specific places (another hint here is write on the printable coupon which store you will be using the coupon at. That way when you pull it out of your organizer you know which envelope it goes in) and I put them in the envelopes. So now I just bring my envelope in the store with me, not my huge organizer like I see some people bringing in with them!!! I mean if you have little ones you don't need to bring in this huge thing and have the wind carry your coupons away-BELIEVE me it happens!!! Although I think it is a great idea to leav your organizer in the car because you never know when you will be somewhere and see a too-great-to-miss-deal!
  5. Go with a purpose...Always stick to your task. Print out the exact things you expect to buy and stick to them. Don't impulse buy. That's where you will overspend! If you see a great deal, most likely it will be there tomorrow!!!!!
  6. At Target go to the gift registry and print out their coupons there! Save your printer and ink for other coupons!
  7. Start clipping every and all coupons you see that you MIGHT think you would use. You never know when a deal is right around the corner! So if there are other things you want help organizing let me know!!!


  1. Thanks Myndi! I love your site, it is sooo helpful and has saved my family over $150 in the 2 weeks I have been using it. Keep up the good work!

  2. My first time on Myndi and I love it! Im going to get some ink for my printer today so I can start priting and shopping. Thank You for taking the time to do this :-) You are so loved!!

    xoxoxo, Leanna


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