Sunday, October 19, 2008

How to navigate the Drugstores...

RiteAid (my favorite)

Rite Aid has one of the best and easiest rebate programs around-called Single Check rebates. The rebate offers typically change monthly and you need to pay attention to the exact dates as they don't run for a full 30 or 31 day period..


That means exactly what it says. You can get one check for all your rebates per month from Rite Aid. So you need to plan out your month because you can only request one check per household per month. If you only have one rebate you are interested in, you can request your rebate anytime after it has been accepted. If you aren't sure, you might want to hold your rebates open and request the check after the rebate period ends..

You can register HERE for the rebate program and start entering receipts immediately. There are a few reasons why I particularly like Rite Aid rebates.1. Since you enter your receipt online you don't need to mail anything in. That means you can double dip on rebates. So if there is a Rite Aid rebate and a manufacturer rebate on the same item you can enter your receipt to get the full amount back from Rite Aid and then mail in your receipt to get the refund from the manufacturer. You can also use a coupon on the item to make even more of a profit..

2. The checks come pretty quickly. I would say 3-4 weeks after you request your check it will arrive in the mail. (It is a postcard that looks exactly like the one pictured). You can cash it at any bank or you can take it in to Rite Aid and use it like cash on another transaction. .

3. You will get the full rebate from Rite Aid regardless of whether you use coupons. So if an item is $20 and has a $20 rebate and you use a $5/20 Rite Aid coupon AND a $2 manufacturer coupon you will still get a full $20 rebate. .

4. You only need to enter the information at the top of your receipt- the date, transaction # etc... The SCR system automatically tallies all the rebates you qualify for. .


How are purchase amounts calculated- before coupon or after coupon?
They are almost always before coupon. So if there is a rebate that offers $5 back on a $20 purchase, you don't need to pay $20 in cash. You just need a pre-coupon amount to hit $20..

Do I have to buy all the rebate items at one time?
No. If a rebate is for 3 packs of diapers you can buy them all separately or whatever works for you. Just so long as the pre coupon amount or the quantity purchased is all done before the rebate period ends you will still qualify for the full rebate..

Can I have more than one SCR account?
These are limited to one per household, so you can have two accounts or more only if they are sent to separate addresses. .

What happens if my store is out of a rebate item?You can get a raincheck on a rebate item!
You need to pay careful attention to the dates of the rebate. If it is a month long rebate you can simply buy the item anytime during the month and use the raincheck to get the item at the sale price, then submit the receipt online as usual. If it is outside of the specified rebate period, you can still get a raincheck and buy the item later. You need to make sure your cashier types in that it is a raincheck purchase- it will say that on the receipt. The cashier than keeps the raincheck and you need to take your receipt and fax it to Rite Aid at: 800-457-2243. Include a note that you would like the purchase credited to your SCR account. You can also call Rite Aid at 1-800- Rite Aid and they might be able to do it over the phone..Do I need to keep all my receipts?My strategy with Rite Aid to ensure I never lose out on a rebate, is to enter the receipts online immediately. Rite Aid will send an email confirming receipt and then a few days later, another email letting you know which rebates you qualify for. I always keep my receipts until all rebates are credited, then I toss them. You can always enter all your receipts at one time at the end of the month too- just be sure you enter them before the period ends. There is a cut off for entering receipts and requesting rebates..

What do I do if a rebate isn't credited?
Call Rite Aid customer Service at 800-Rite Aid. They can immediately correct an over site or they can tell you why you didn't qualify for the rebate. If you purchased the wrong item you can always return it to the store..How do I know what has a rebate?The ads are typically very clear on rebate items each week. You can also get the monthly rebate books at the front of your store or check them online HERE.

Riteaid also has seasonal savings programs so check their website!

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