Sunday, November 2, 2008

***Important notice***

I just want to be clear about what is OK in coupon world and what is NOT. I learned this the hard way but I am glad I did so I can share it with you, although you may already be aware of this. Anyway, the coupon policy is that once you print a coupon from any website, you cannot copy it on your printer. So for instance if I share a deal with you that says you need (3) $1 coupons for Kelloggs cereal and I give you the link,the coupon can be printed from that site twice but you may not print it once and then copy it to make three.
Does that make sense? I didn't understand this rule until a short time ago. Please understand there are many great ways to get coupons from different sites. We just want to make sure we are doing it the legal, right way! If you already knew this then please dismiss this email. I was not pre-warned before I started couponing and so now I know and understand. It's one of those things I think I was a little naive about, but we all are at times!
If you have any questions feel free to ask and I will work hard to get the answer to you. I am working hard on getting some great grocery coupons to you and should have it up tomorrow!! Please leave me a comment after this as to which store you grocery shop at the most! That will help me in how to help you :)

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  1. Thanks for the tip! I shop where ever I can get the best deal. I am willing to go multiple places if necessary. Thanks- Mama Daggett


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