Sunday, October 19, 2008

Walgreens Navigation...

1. Register Reward.
This is the term Walgreens uses for it's program. Register Rwards is a coupon that prints at the cash register- it can be for products or it can be for a dollar amount off your next transaction. So when you see $3 Register Reward that means when you purchase that particular item you will get a little coupon after you pay that is good for $3 off your next purchase.

2. You need 1 item for every coupon you use.
Coupons are considered any manufacturer coupon OR a register reward. So you can not purchase shampoo, use a manufacturer coupon and use a register reward. That would be considered one item and 2 coupons and the register will not accept it.

3. Fillers.
Fillers are an item you do not use a coupon on. In the scenario above you need a filler so that you have 2 items and can use 1 coupon and one Register Reward. Fillers can be something super inexpensive like candy or whatever you like. Fillers can also be used to bring your total up to use a register reward. If you have a register reward for $3.00- your BEFORE TAX total needs to be at least $3.00. If you have item for $2.99 the register will not allow you to use a $3 reward- you need a filler to get above the $3 mark.3.

You can go back and forth between register rewards but you can not roll the same item. For example, you can not buy shampoo and use that register reward to pay for the next shampoo with the exact same rwards. The register will accept the first register reward but it will not print another one. So you will have lost money. Instead you need to go back and forth between rewards. If you want 5 shampoos, you might consider buying one and using the reward to get-say a shaving cream, then using that reward to get another toothbrush etc.. etc... This can be a little confusing because it is not just the item but the company.

6. If you have a list of several different items that each have a Register Reward you can buy them all at once and you will get each Register Reward. You might want to split the transaction so that you can spend the least amount out of pocket.

Pay close attention to the expiration date!!!!!

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