Friday, February 4, 2011

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New Review for Kids!!!

I just finished reading The Beginning Reader's Bible to my 5 year old for the fifth day this week. She and I love it so much for these reasons: The illustrations...I was immediately attracted to the beautiful illustrations on each page. The stories in the Bible come to life! The illustrator did an amazing job. The resources...The book contains twenty six stories from the Old and New Testaments and twelve additional resources for children, including prayers from the Bible, books of the Bible and the ten commandments which I love! This is a fabulous book if you have young kids till not ready for the actual Bible but old enough to read through a few pages of a story such as Noah and the Ark, The ten Commandments, and the birth of Jesus. I like the fact that the book has a reading chart in the back to track progress with your children as well as a list of all the books of the Bible to memorize. At the end of the storybook a sinner's prayer is included. I didn't like this (my opinion) I feel if children are ready and feel drawn to God through His grace and mercy the words will come from the child, not a book.
What I didn't like...
The title. This is not a beginning reader's Bible. It is not the Bible, and is not really for a beginning reader. My daughter cannot read all the words herself and they are in long paragraph form, not simple words on each page as you would expect a beginning reader book or Bible to be.
The translation. Pure and simple... The text is taken from the International Children's Bible and so any trinity references in the Old Testament are missing and there are gender neutral references (people instead of men).
So overall I believe this is a great addition to any collection for Christian parents to help their young ones understand stories in the Bible. I am glad BookSneeze had this book available for me to review as I found it excellent in most areas and am happy to read it to my daughter.

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