Wednesday, February 23, 2011

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Review of a great book called
Regret Free Parenting
by Catherine Hickem
Regret Free Parenting by Catherine Hickem is a book I believe speaks to the heart of Mothers, specifically Christian mothers. Booksneeze offered me the pleasure to review this book and I was very excited to read it! Catherine Hickem is a psychotherapist as well as the mother of 2 very well adjusted God fearing adult children. Most of the book is dedicated to parenting your children with specific intentions. She speaks about building trust and respect into the lives of your children and knowing the difference between control and intention. Prayer and trust in the Lord dictates this book as she views both of these as catalysts for well rounded adult children that love the Lord. We all want to leave a legacy for our children and many moms feel frustrated and overwhelmed at the prospect that it is up to them that their children turn out "right". She explains that we (mothers) need to allow God to be in control of their lives and do what He wants for them. She describes 2 reasons we look back in our life...To see how God used a specific circumstance and give Him praise for it and also to see how we have messed up and to make different choices. These two ideas really gave me insight into how she parented her young children. She was a guide on the side instead of a sage on the stage barking orders and making them be little grownups. She gave practical advice and stories from her own children's upbringing that add life to her book. At the end of every chapter she asks some hard questions for moms to answer such as What is your greatest fear for your child(ren)? It is really a great reflective book on what you are doing now and how you want your parenting to look. I have seen in my own life since reading this book that I am becoming a "thinking mom" who understands the PURPOSE of me parenting my daughter and how God is in control, not me...Very good for me to know.

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