Monday, January 10, 2011

Check out what you can get for free this week

Would you like some free cereal and free soup?

At RiteAid this week you can do just that.

Special K cereal is Buy One get one free and go here for a BIGIfree coupon. So you can get 2 free. I got 4 free as I got 2 coupons from the site by hitting my back button when the first coupon printed :) If your RiteAid gives you a hard time like mine did pop out your coupon policy you can print here and show them that you can do that!!

Riteaid also has a deal on Cambell's Soups...4 for $5 plus $1 back on each one. You can go HERE to print lots of cambells coupons.

So this is what your purchase would look like:

4 boxes of Special K cereal (select varieties) (2 coupons used)

4 cans Cambell's soup (select varities) (1 or 2 coupons used)

=$4 after coupons

then you get back $6

so they basically paid you $2...

pretty cool!

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