Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Review of Slave

Our priorities and perspectives challenge us and make our life meaningful or meaningless. In John MacArthur's book Slave that is exactly what he speaks of. Thanks to BookSneeze I was able to review this book. This book has definitely challenged me in ways I didn't expect. Christians can be marked by how they live or the identity they carry. To often though MacArthur says "Christian" is just something people add to their lives to "enhance" it like a new pair of stilettos! He dives deep within the paradox of what a slave truly means in the Christian walk...How being a slave to Christ is truly freedom. He speaks of slave being turned into servant in many translations and how to the naked eye that may seem perfectly right. But he notes some issues with this. First if you are a servant you have a bit of autonomy in that you can choose who you work for and what they do. They have personal rights and freedom, whereas a slave does not. A slave is bound to his master's direction and has no rights or freedoms. That is where the irony comes in. This book is in my top 5 reads of my life as it truly shows what the Christian life ought to look like and how most "Christians" are in name only. It has helped me understand historical background for the word as well as evidence of what the word was intended to do: Show Christ...Not us.

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