Thursday, December 29, 2011

Why Men Hate Going to Church
 BookSneeze is so awesome. Yet again I was given a great book to review. This is a great one for the guys in your life to read. Though this book was a good read, there is one aspect that really should have been on the forefront of why men don't go to church: they are not saved. The authors points about the theme of the church being feminized is very interesting. His historical support for that was very interesting and he makes some really good observations. 

Men need to be leading their families to church and be leading the churches. But a man will not go to church and lead like he should if he has not been saved. If the gospel is not preached in a church, then it will surely not have men going to it. It is important to be intentional and purposeful in how "do church," but the gospel is the key to seeing sinners turn from their old ways and putting on the new-self that WANTS to go to church and lead their families. 

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