Tuesday, October 18, 2011

review of a book!

I received No Wonder They Call Him Savior from booksneeze to review. I enjoy reading Max Lucado and was very interested in what more Lucado could offer to help us understand Christ and Christ crucified. The back of the book states that Lucado will take us through the death and resurrection of Jesus and the hope we have in Him. The book is broken up into many small chapters that go through many people's lives that lived during the time of Christ and what "may" have been going on in their minds and lives. Lucado is good at giving a lot of detail and making the story very real and entertaining. He did that well in this book. This book lacked, in my opinion, Truth. It gave a lot of what ifs and self help for lonliness which I know people need.
Yet it is more than just that. The story of the people and the places Lucado brings up: Judas, Peter, John, the cross, the garden, are all places and people we encounter in our lives or are dealing with inside ourselves. Overall this is a good read, but it just a story in the end. it may help people realize that Jesus has gone through everything they have gone through and so may see they need Jesus. I hope that is what it does!

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