Friday, July 1, 2011

over rated

When I reviewed Max On Life by Max Lucado as a part of Booksneeze's great program for reviewing books I was hoping for another gem by Lucado. I was left feeling as if I was reading a column in a small town's newspaper. This book seemed thrown together just for the sake of another book. Basically it is in the format of Q & A. Someone that wrote into Lucado got their question answered and then it was printed for this book.

The book is fragmented into sections about life, the issues we face, and the trouble we come against. While these topics do interest us, I think the overall effect of the book was more of a self help book. This in no way was a deeply Christian book with Biblical perspectives. While He did use the Bible in his answers, it doesn't teach us anything about God, only focuses on ourselves and getting over an issue we have. Some may find this book helpful, but if you are maturing in the faith and want a great book to help you draw closer to God this is not it. The title is misleading as I thought it would be more of a biography on Max Lucado. It was not. I would pass on this one.

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