Friday, July 1, 2011

Another great book!!!

I was given Daddy dates by Greg Wright through Booksneeze to review and I was pleasantly surprised when I read the book. Daddy Dates ultimately gives you the key in the title and the authors main attempt is to bring the dads back to their lives of dating and their pursuit of their spouse while having that same focus in their daughters so that they can understand how a man should treat them. It seems like a no brainer in getting to know your daughter but this book really helps you see the correlation between courting your wife and teaching your daughter about what that looks like through the time spent with her. By doing so I get to know my daughter more deeply and she gets to know how she should be treated.

He describes the do's and don'ts of these dates. They were very funny but so true in really getting the most out of these dates with your daughter. The author is cleaver and humorous as he relates his own stories of his daughter dates and how memorable they were. He did the things with his daughters that they really enjoyed doing and on one occasion when he took his daughter out on the way home he thought his daughter was asleep but she was weeping softly and when asked why she said she had never felt so special. So whether you are a father to be, a father with a youngster at home or have a teen, this book is for you. A great one for wives to buy for your man as well. It lays the foundation for trust in the relationship between a daughter and her daddy. Bravo.

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