Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Out Live Your Life...a great thought and a great book by Max Lucado. I have always thought about what I can do in this life that will outlast me being here. Max Lucado describes this thought very well and gives great examples of how every day people can do extraordinary things in their life to out live that life. Book Sneeze gave me a copy to review and I am so glad they did. This book is on my top 10 books to read! Do you feel God could never use you or that your past is so dinghy you could never have any real importance in the future? Lucado speaks out against this idea and shows real life ways for you and me to impact the world around us in such a way that when we are gone our lives will still have meaning. Some of the things he discusses are seeing needs around us and using the gifts God has given us to touch the hurt in others-whether it be opening your door to others for a meal, a talk, or a room. He finishes each chapter with a Bible Verse and a prayer. Each chapter really challenged me in my walk. I hope you find the same thing. trip to Riteaid this week was great. I got all that you see in the picture for $1.99

3 Tide detergents on clearance (check your Rite Aid) and I used 3 coupons from the paper so they were all free. Riteaid will lower the price of the coupon to match what you buy so my coupons were $2 each.

2 packs of oreos for $1 and I used $1 coupon from riteaid values. If you'd like to get this coupon and others go here

Gain laundry soap for $1.27 and I used a $1 coupon form the paper

Maybelline Mascara for $5.17 and I used 2 coupons. 1 from video values and the other from the sunday paper.

3 trident gums on sale for $1 for 3 and I used a coupon from the paper and from video values.

How was your frugal week of shopping?

Head over to Facebook to sign up for a coupon for a Free Can of Pringles Xtreme! You will need to allow the Pringles Facebook application to get the freebie. You then simply fill out the form and they will mail your coupon in 6-8 weeks.
~~~~~~~ is having some great coupons up lately. make sure you go HERE to find some great savings at the store. I was able to get free bread and free deli stuff. Remember they often change coupons so check frequently.
Saving some dough!
I wanted to share a few strategies for helping you save money in the grocery store. If you have questions let me know.
1. I'm sure most of you know this, but how many do it...Make a list and stick to that list :)
2. Make sure you are going to a grocery store that is lower than others. This might sound like a no brainer but really...test other stores in your area out one week and see if they are cheaper than the one you go to presently.
3. meat is often on sale when it expires soon. Don't be afraid to buy meat that expires tomorrow, even if you don't need it for a few days. Put it in the freezer!
4. Get out the o'le CrockPot. It does wonders for a frugal momma. You can buy a large amount of meat on sale and then use it in the crockpot and then use it throughout the week on a variety of meals.
5. Buy fruits and veggies that are only in season! If you see strawberries for $1.40 and then later they go up to $3.00 assume they are out of season and if you must have them buy frozen. I also recommend the .99 store for this as well as bananas as they are always $1!
6. If you have already written your list and you don't seem to have many coupons for the items,
my suggestion is to google the name of the product as well as the word "coupon" after it. You'd be amazed how many coupons are floating out there in cyberspace.
7. Use your phone! There are so many apps that are great tools for shopping frugally. Here are a few:
CompareMe, Unit Price Compare, Zavers, *Target mobile Alerts *, *Cellfire*, Verizon Smart Spend and Google Shopper.
8. Most items in a store hit their rock bottom price every 12 weeks. If you shop at a particular store every week, keep track of the price of say milk or cheese and you will be able to tell when it is at it's lowest. This is the time to Stock up or create a stockpile of that ingredient.
9. Give store brands a try. Generally I have found store brands are just as good or better than their counterparts. So give them a try next time.
10. Shake off the water from all your leafy veggies (They add to the weight of the item)
11. The old rule is still true: If you pick it up in your hand you are 90% sure of buying that item. So look with your eyes until you know what you are buying.
12. Skip the sample tables. Most people WILL buy something they don't need because they feel compelled to buy it after they taste it.
13. Buy in Bags. Bags of apples, onions or potatoes will save you 25 to 50 percent.

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