Thursday, April 1, 2010

Beginning of the month! Print your coupons! Remember prints the same coupons that prints so you can print them 4 times!!! That should make for some great deals! Check back later on my blog for my new savings for the month of March! How are you doing on your savings each month? If you want me to share your savings on my blog don't forget to email me :) And make sure you get me a picture of all your stuff too!!!

~~~~~~~~~ has a new FREE audio for this month:

Stuff Christians Like

Sometimes, we fall in love on mission trips even though we know we'll break up when we get back. Sometimes, you have to shot block a friend's prayer because she's asking God to bless an obviously bad dating relationship. Sometimes, you think, "I wish I had a t-shirt that said 'I direct deposit my tithe' so people wouldn't judge me."


Snag a FREE U by Kotex Sample! This is a new link and is available through From Walmart. Just GO HERE and then fill in the form to get your Free sample.


Stride Shift Gum .99
Get .99 ECB back
Final price: FREE

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups .50
Use .55/1 Dark Chocolate cups from 3/14 SS
Final Price: FREE

Nescafe Tasters Choice Coffee Packets $1
Use .75/1 HERE
Final Price: .25

Softsoap Ensembles Buy One Get One Free- Pumps are $7.99, Refills are $3.99
Buy 2 Refills at $3.99
Use (2) $1/1 HERE
Final Price: $1.99 for 2

Speedstick Stainguard Deodorant $3.49
Get $2 ECB
Use .75/1 HERE
Final Price: .74

Colgate Pro Clinical $3.99
Get $2 ECB
Use $1/1 coupon HERE
Final Price: .99

Schick Hydro Razor $8.97
Get $6 ECB
Final Price: $2.97

Colgate Total Advanced or Enamel Strength $2.99
Get $2 ECB
Use .75/1 from 3/28 SS
Final Price: Free

Complete Contact Solution $8.99
Get $8.99 ECB
Final Price: FREE

Bayer Contour Meter $14.99
Get $5 ECB
Use Free coupon from 10/25 RP
Final Price: $5 Moneymaker


COFFEMATE is typically priced at $1.72
Use (2) .75/1 coupons HERE
or from 2/7 RP or 3/28 SS
Final Price: $1.94 for 3 or .65 each!!

Thanks, My Frugal Adventures!
For those of you planning to go to Kmart next week for their double coupons starting April 4th-April 10th here are a few rules:
Each day you can use a max of 5 coupons
You cannot use internet coupons
Kmart has indicated a Shop Your Way Rewards card is required for each person that wants to double
Make sure to contact your Kmart to see if that specific Kmart is involved in the doubling of coupons this week! Let me know what deals you find :)
here are some ideas:

All 50oz Laundry Soap $5.79

Use $2/1 from 2/7 RP

Final Price: $1.79

Wipes Tubs $2.99

Use $1/2 from 3/21 SS

Final Price: $1.99 each when you buy 2

Pampers $9.99

Use $2/1 from 3/14 RP

Final Price: $5.99

Tampax Pearl $4.79

Use $2/1 from 3/7 P&G

Final Price: .79


Use $1/1 from 1/3 RP

Final Price: .49

12oz $2.99

Use $1/1 HERE

Final Price: .99

Mighty Dog Cans .69

Use $2/6 HERE

Final Price: .14 for 6 cans

’s Sugar Free Turtles candy $1.79

Use $1/1 from 3/28 SS

Final Price: FREE

Halls Cough Drops $1.59-1.99

Use $1/1 from 3/28 SS

or Use $1/1 HERE

Final price: FREE

Reach Toothbrush $2.01-2.84

Use $1/1 from 3/7 RP

Final Price: .01-.84

24 ct Maxi $3.59

Use $2/1 from 3/28 RP

Final Price: FREE


Use $1/1 HERE

Final Price: FREE

Reach Dental Floss $1.49

Use $1/1 from 3/7 RP

Final Price: FREE

Sure Deodorant $2.79

Use $1.50/1 (Men’s) from 1/24 SS

Final Price: FREE

Bic Razors 10pk $3.49

Use $2/1 from 3/28 SS

Final Price: FREE

Soft Scrub Total $2.99

Use $1.50/1 from 3/7 RP

Final Price: Free

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