Monday, February 15, 2010

Hi Everyone,
my Posts will be scattered at best this week as I will be out of town tuesday and wednesday and will be getting ready for my coupon classes for thursday and saturday. So I apologize that I won't be posting as much as normal! I recommend you go to my blog and check out all the other great blogs I have listed!!! There's a bunch that are really great! Also you should check out a new icon I have on my blog called Blog Boat. What it is is a place to find blogs in your area that match what you want!!!!

As I am planning my 1st ever coupon class I would love input and ideas from you as to what you want from a class...



  1. Hi Myndi,

    This comment isn't related to your current post, but I wasn't sure where else to leave it. I have been checking out your site for the last couple weeks and really like it. Thanks for posting all the great deals you find. I have been looking for sites that showcase deals at local grocery stores like Ralphs and Stater Bros, but I haven't been able to find them. On other sites I see tons of grocery stores featured that I've never heard of that are in other parts of the country. Just wondering if you have found anything for our local stores. Thanks!


  2. Hi Emily!
    Thanks for your Post! The reson I don't post for stores like Stater Bros or Ralphs is because I don't find good deals there. I generally shop at super target and Winco. I will however be on the lookout for you :) I will pass on any good deals I find for these stores :) Thanks for checking out my blog!!!

  3. I shop Winco as well. They have some great prices. I just find it frustrating that they don't have an ad. I feel like I have to check every item in the store to see if it's on sale just to be sure I don't miss a deal and I spend forever there! If someone posted weekly winco prices I bet their site would get tons of views! Another problem, Winco doesn't accept internet coupons. I guess there are reasons they can keep prices low. =)

  4. Actually Winco does accept internet coupons...Maybe it is a regional thing? Not sure! I will keep an eye open for good deals there and post deals for that!

  5. I think I'll be calling my Winco today to double check. Maybe the checker who told me this was misinformed. Thanks!

  6. Turns out the cashier who wouldn't accept my coupons just didn't know the store's policy. Yay! I would LOVE to see a post on deals you find at Winco. Thanks!


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