Wednesday, December 23, 2009

You know when you get a gift card to a place and maybe you just wish it had been to somewhere you really wanted to go? Well now there are two places you can go and trade your gift card for the place you actually want to go to or for cash!!! Pretty cool!

Click HERE for gift card rescue

and HERE for plastic jungle.

A new favorite coupon site for me is couponbug! It's just like but it will allow you to print more of the same coupons you find elsewhere! Pretty neat!

Remember to check my blog for all the coupon sites to print your coupons on each week for the most savings at the grocery store. Sometimes I don't get to every deal so if you need a specific coupon, go to the ones I have put up on the blog and see if there is a coupon for it. You'd be surprised at how many coupons you could find!


Crown Publishing has a deal called "read it forward" and they are giving away free books! Check them out! Free book

Now I know the day after Christmas is a BIG sales day, but I would wait one week if I were you for the prices to drop. Retailers know you are going to go out shopping so they keep their prices a bit high. But the following week they drop them really low! keep that in mind.

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