Friday, May 3, 2013

Book Review

I just finished reading Great Day Every Day from Max Lucado thanks to BookSneeze. It reads very easily and is a common style for any Max Lucado reader. The chapters flow well and some even seem to read as a daily devotional that you could go back to. We all face trials in life. Simple things from kids misbehaving, to losing a job, to a spouse with cancer. Every day we have reason to complain...or do we? .

Everyday can be a good day despite all the ill that is happening around us. We have a good God that allows things in our life for reasons beyond our understanding. We can rejoice and be glad in this day today! Lucado does a good job at explaining this in a straight forward manner.

I did feel, however, that Lucado did not go deep enough in explaining why God allows certain events to come into our life in the first place. I was hoping he would discuss this so people are not left feeling that every day should be great in their life. Tragedy occurs...what do we do with that as Christians? Every day will not be a great day but we do have a great God! Amen.

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