Wednesday, March 3, 2010

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Right now they have a promotion for 140 free address labels. I just ordered mine! You can get anything from them from free checks to personalized note cards to just about anything you need office wise!

Yesterday I rant to Target, RiteAid and Walgreens and this is the deal I got:
I bought 2 men's deodorants in the travel section for .97 each
I used a coupon from for $2 off so I got them for free
Then I bought 2 Renu eye drops for $1.50 in the travel section
I also used 2 coupons from for $2 off so those were free too.
The cashier didn't want to allow them but I showed her the coupon policy that allows them to adjust the coupon amount to match the price of the item if it is cheaper and then she gave it to me :) I highly suggest you have this with you!
Then I bought Baker's chocolate squares (which I didn't have a coupon for) for $2.59
and then Thai kitchen soup for .99
and again at I found a coupon for $1 off so it was free
so my total was $1.49 for all of this which was less than just the Baker's chocolate I didn't have a coupon for!!! That's making your coupons work for you to buy the things you need without a coupon!
At Walgreens:
I bought 2 Purex Laundry soap I told you about 2 days ago. At my store they were 2/ $5.99 instead of B1G1free...and I brought with me the coupon policy for the store with me that clearly stated that I could use a B1G1free coupon on a B1G1free sale (which I have been told they won't allow you to use)
I used my B1G1free coupon
so my total was: $2.89 for both laundry not too bad!
At RiteAid:
They are having a sale on the Renu eye drops for .99 and I had 6 coupons for $1 off
so I got 6 of them. The guy ringing me up gave me no problem and even said he owed me .07!! So I left the store not owing anything! I told him to keep the change!
So my total yesterday was:
$4.38 for all of that! Not too shabby! Make sure you let me know about your shopping trips so I can tell others how you are doing it! make sure you email me a picture!!
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