Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Book Review! Every Few weeks I will be reviewing a new book for you to hear about! Here is my first review. Thomas Nelson has provided me with a copy of this book for my review :)

"The Voice" - The New Testament of the Bible rediscovered to bring together beauty, tradition, and the future church.
At first I was concerned about the context of translation compared to the ESV (English Standard Version), but while reading both in conjunction come to find what a wonderful thing the authors, contributors, editors, and theologians have done in this book. When reading the introduction that this book has been put together in a screenplay format I was a bit concerned. But the screenplay approach works well for understanding who is speaking and for being able to directly recite who is saying what at a glance. It really turned out to be very well flowing, refreshing, interesting and informative. The text is written in the likes of the ESV and NIV, and with additional footnotes included in the scripture, as written in italics, this way of writing really keeps the story flowing. Another great thing that was done was that anytime prophecy was being fulfilled from the Old Testament, the direct scripture source ie, "Isaiah 3:1", would be noted as footnote for reference. Bottom line, "The Voice", is a great source for learning Gods Word, especially for newly found followers of Christ.

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