Sunday, December 20, 2009

So I just got back from CVS for today and for all this I spent... around $5 but my total savings was $21.94!!! Pretty good. below you can see a scenario if you too want to try out CVS this week. Check the top of my blog if you are new to CVS or any other drug store as it is sort of like a game each week (actually I need to update y CVS one)!!!

I split my transactions up like this

(1) Nivea Body Wash (16.9 oz; $5.99)
I used a $2 coupon found Here or if you got the paper you could use:
$1 manufacturer coupon (from the 12/13/09 RP inserts)
So my Out of pocket(OOP) was $3.99. But I had an ECB from last week which brought my total to $2.00!
Then they gave me $5.99 back in ECBs towards my next transaction :)

(1) Crest or Oral-B Pro-Health Toothpaste (4.2oz) or Rinse (250 ml), Oral-B Floss (27-55yds) or SuperFloss (50 ct; $2.88)
I used $1 manufacturer coupon (from the 11/29/09 P&G)
$2.88- $1 manufacturer coupon= $1.88 + Receive $2 ECB

(2)therma care neck wraps (1 count)=$2.49 each + receive $2.49 in ECbs
I used $1 manufacturer coupon from HERE x 2= $1.49 each.

So my total was .69 for this transaction!!! and I got $2.49 +$2.49 + $2.00 in ECBS for my next transaction!

(1)Almay mascara-$4.99-get $3 ECBs
(1) Crest toothpaste-$2.88-get back $2 ECBs
I used .75 coupon for the toothpaste
So my total was .83 after paying with my ECBS frm my last purchase!
And I got $5 in ECBS towards my final purchase!

(3) Therma care neck wraps-$2.49 each-get back 2.49 in ECBS.
I paid with my $5 ECB and I also had 3 coupons I told you about earlier.
So I paid $2.12 and got back $7.97 towards next week's purchases!!!

ECB=Extra Care Bucks=free money on the bottom of your receipt!

If this is confusing to you, check out the top of my blog(will be updated soon). Also next month...towards the end of the month I am having a coupon class where I will go into MUCH greater detail on how to really shop at drugstores for free to almost free and how to start this crazy thing called couponing.


It looks like we will see a promotion tomorrow at 8am PAC from International Delight. Become a facebook fan HERE.


Rayovac batteries $3.00 off coupon!!! Feel free to print as many as you like!

Click HERE to print out the coupon!


Walmart has some Christmas deals starting today that you might want to check out.

12/20 - $8.00 toys on sale all day, includes, Pixos, littlest pet shop and fashionista barbies.

12/21 to 12/23 - Zhu zhu pets are back!

Walmart is flying in zhu zhus to all of their stores and they will be available at 7am at each store for only 8.00!

Of course, there will only be a few of them per store, so get there early!

There will be 20 at smaller stores and around 60 at the bigger, or super, stores. One per customer, but since its all 3 days, you can go back each day and try to get another one.

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