Saturday, December 12, 2009

Good morning! So today I will be giving some tips to save money during this crazy Christmas season! I also want to remind you all that I will be having some giveaways coming up soon!!!! Make sure you check my blog...You never know when the giveaways will start! Here are the rules:

You have a few different opportunities to enter.

  1. You are a subscriber via email to my blog
  2. You have posted my blog button on your own blog or website
  3. You have told your friends and family about the blog in an update on facebook
  4. Or Twitter

So for each of these ways you can enter you can post a comment under my GIVEAWAY tab and let me know which one you did! Remember a different comment for each one you do! So you have 4 chances to win!!! Just make sure to include your email in your comment. I will post later to let you know when it will be! I will use to pick the winners!

And on to today's ideas.... has a free downloadable budget form that let's you track your Christmas spending!


To nab a great deal, buy gift cards! Many places are offering free stuff if you buy a gift card...Like Subway, Outback, Best Buy, and also at you can get a discount on your gift cards-up to 40%!


If you are shopping online check into these sites which gives you 2%-20% cash back on your purchases:

if you want to compare prices before you spend your money check here:
And don't click on BUY before you pick up some discount codes here:
I did just that for and got free shipping and I also signed up for their "list" so I go to spend $20 for free. So my total with delivery was $1.97! Not too bad!!
And finally if you want your favorite stores latest and best info on upcoming promotions click here:
Did you know...As long as your coupon doesn't say (except for trial size) you can use it in the trial size section of the store! You can get things like:
  • tide sticks
  • deodorant
  • toothpaste
  • contact solution
  • laundry soap


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