Monday, November 23, 2009

great ideas!

Today I will share some great ideas I have found and some friends of mine have found!

1. Jamie Daggett showed me a great place you can go to learn to make your own bread at home! So much better for you and much CHEAPER! Check it out HERE ! Thanks Jamie!

2. Tired of throwing away expired and unused coupons!!!! I found a cool place to go where I could give my expired coupons to a great cause! Military families can use expired coupons at their commissaries! So here is an address you can use to send them to! You'd be helping lots of families in need each month. Or you can send them once every quarter-However you want to do it! Just no coupons printed from your own printer are allowed!
US Naval Air Facility
Navy FSC
PSC 477 Box 32
FPOAP 96306

3. I was thinking yesterday about the products I use most on an everyday basis and I read somewhere in the blogoshere that you can email or call all the companies you use most and let them know how much you love their product and they will send you coupons and freebies!!! Love it! Think of all the possibilities!

If you are heading out on Black Friday and have found some great deals you want me to share with everyone please email me and let me know! Tomorrow I should have my Internet back and then it will be back to normal! Have a great Monday!

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  1. you can grab free printable grocery coupons at and get huge discount offers on your every purchase.


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