Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Today I went to Riteaid to make sure I got my rebate items in before it ends on the 15th! I got some great items. You can go to riteaid to find out about their rebate program. it is so simple! You can do one of two things. To make it really really simple...go to riteaid and look for the yellow rebate tags on items (usually household items near pharmacy) and see which ones say free at bottom. These ones you pay for but then you are going to go home and submit the online rebate (super simple) and that's it! They send you a check for the amount you just spent! So each week, I am going to use my rebate check to purchase my goods and then get another rebate check and so forth! Now if you have more time I would suggest going online to their site and finding which items have the rebates so you can then get coupons for them and make money off of them. I had a $5 coupon for Zantac (from http://www.zantac.com/) and so this is how this looks:
Zantac: $4.99
Online rebate:$4.99
= I got paid $5.01 to get this item after rebate!
so if you find coupons you can turn your free items into moneymakers for you!

The next deal shown in the picture is my Rachel Ray dog food sample I got at the Post Office today! You can get yours HERE


And finally if you go to swaggrabber you can enter to win great prize packs! I know it works because I have won two already! I just won a nature valley prize pack with yummy treats, a backpack, flashlight, and binoculars and I won one from Yoplait! I got free yoplait plus all kids of neat kitchenware! These great gifts are from myblogspark
Hope this gives you some fun things to try today!!! Love you girls!

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