Sunday, October 11, 2009

CVS Savings!!!

~CVS 101~

CVS has an awesome program called the Extra Care Rewards Program, which includes Extra Care Bucks, or ECBs. To have access to the ECBs, you need a CVS card. You can get one from your local CVS store or order one online at . You can also go online to "attach" your CVS card to their rewards program. You can also get some pretty cool coupons from time to time. Although the ECB program and the ECB Rewards program sound the same and work hand in hand with each other, they serve two different purposes.

ECBs: When you go shopping at CVS and take your purchases to the cashier, you can stack coupons (use a CVS store coupon and a manufacturer's coupon) on an item. Then certain sale items are also eligible for ECBs to print out. That means that your receipt will have $$$ off coupons to use on your next shopping trip. These coupons can be used just like cash, and like cash, they can't be replaced if you lose them, so keep them safe and all in one spot! ECBs are usually good for 30 days.

ECB Rewards Program: Once you have your CVS card, you can register it online with the ECB Rewards Program. Then, once every three months, you will get rewarded with ECBs based on your purchases. You will earn 2% of your purchases (based on actual money you spent after coupons) back in Extra Care Bucks. You can also earn an extra Buck for every two prescriptions purchased in store or online. The bucks will automatically load on your card, and you can use them on your next shopping trip, OR, you can print your ECBs off the CVS website and take them to the store.

Once you make your first initial purchases at CVS, you should rarely have to put out much (if any) money again! ECBs are great! The first time you start shopping at CVS, you'll pay with coupons and money and then get ECBs back on your receipt. Depending on what you buy on subsequent visits, those ECBs will replace money. So, next time, you'll only pay with coupons and ECBs!!!! (and maybe a dollar or less, just to get things evened out.) And you'll get more ECBs, so the next shopping trip is paid for in ECBs and coupons, and so on and so on and so on!
So, grab your CVS card, your coupons, and put on your best smile…it's time to go shopping!! This is a great week to start trying these tips out!

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