Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Click HERE and then fill in your information on the left sidebar to receive a free sample of Pero Caffeine Free All Natural Coffee

If you buy Starbucks coffee at the supermarket, bring in your empty bag and they will give you a tall free coffee! Sign up at http://www.starbucks.com/ for other great deals like $1 off your starbucks coffee at the store and free coffee for your birthday! I got mine today! Yum!



Registration has opened back up!!!!

Lots of people are getting accepted lately!
I do this program an it is great!!!! You scan the stuff you buy every week and then upload it weekly to them. You will find out after entering your zip code if they are recruiting in your area.

MORE ABOUT IT....Homescan focuses on measuring consumer attitudes and behavior. The panel is made up of people just like you, whose opinions help manufacturers and retailers make decisions on what products to develop or improve. Homescan is a part of The Nielsen Company, the world's leading marketing information provider.

As a panel member, Homescan will provide you with a hand-held scanner. Every time you or members of your household shop, you’ll use the scanner to scan the barcodes on all of your purchases. Then, once a week, you'll send us your purchase information. It's as easy as that!

You’ll earn gift points that are redeemable for name-brand merchandise, including electronics equipment, jewelry, household items, toys, and much more! You’ll also earn entries into our many exciting sweepstakes. But, above all, you’ll be making your opinions count!
Click HERE to sign up!

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  1. Myndi, Thank you so much for ALL your hard work! This is how you have blessed our family. This week on Sunday (my shopping day) I asked my husband what my weekly budget was, he told me that we had very little money this week and to ONLY buy what we couldn't live without. Because of the stock-up shopping that I have been doing, I ONLY had to buy milk this week! Thanks -Jamie


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